From the time of the apostles, Christians have come together to celebrate, to listen to scripture and to offer thanksgiving and praise. Christ always truly associates the Church with himself in this great work wherein God is perfectly glorified and the recipients made holy. (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy [SC] #7) The liturgy is a communal encounter of Christ that brings together all of the Church’s activity such as personal prayer, faith community activities and daily Christian living. The purpose of the Eucharistic liturgy, as well as all Sacraments, is to make us holy, to build up the Body of Christ and to worship God (see SC #59). The liturgy nourishes, strengthens and expresses faith (CCC #1123). This is why training of liturgical ministers should not only include instructions in how to carry out each liturgical ministry, but why we worship. At Holy Family our liturgical ministers are taught about the principles of liturgy so that we can better understand have a zeal for authentic worship. The second Vatican Council expressed the importance of having a number of minsters, in addition to the priest, for the fullest celebration of the liturgy, and so Holy Family Parish offers many opportunities to serve as a liturgical minister.