Altar Servers

Altar ServersThere is no doubt that the ministry of altar server is of utmost importance to a sacred celebration. Holy Family servers are involved in some of the holiest and most sacred events in our tradition of Catholic worship. It is important to be sure that a server, be attentive and sensitive to the presence of God during the Mass, and afterwards. God calls us to respond to his great love and mercy with a sense of reverence, wonderment and gratefulness. We must all help each other remember to show reverence to God at all times, but most especially when serving as an altar server.

The altar servers are responsible for assisting the presider and other ministers at Mass and other liturgical celebrations. They carry candles in procession, hold the presider’s book of prayers, and assist with the preparation of the gifts. Candidates for altar server must be at least seven (7) years of age and have received First Eucharist. They will also be asked to attend a preparation session.

For more information, contact John Louis at (832) 858-5159.

Los monaguillos son responsables de assistir al sacerdote y a los otros ministros en la Misa y las otras celebraciones litúrgicas. Llevan las velas en procesión, sostienen el libro de oraciones del sacerdote, y asisten en las preparaciones de las ofrendas. Los candidatos para ser servidores del Altar tienen que tener por lo menos siete (7) años de edad y deben haber recibido su primera Comunión. Tienen que asistir algunas sesiones de preparación o entrenamiento.

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