“Christ is present in the liturgy through the Eucharist, the priest, and the assembly that prays and sings. He is also present in the Word since it is he himself who speaks when the holy Scriptures are read in the Church.” (CCC 1088 & SC 7) Proclaiming the word of God is more complex than standing in front of the assembly and reading a test. It involves the proper understand and appreciation of scripture, preparation, use of the voice and attention to acoustics and liturgical movement. Holy Family lectors should have a genuine love of scripture and belief in the truths found in the Word of God, as well as become familiar with the bible.

Lectors are responsible for the proclamation of the Word of God during liturgical celebrations in the church. They are called to help make the Word of God come alive for the assembled people in the church. All who are interested in this liturgical ministry must have a deep and prayerful relationship to the Word of God, an ability to speak and project clearly, and a willingness to commit their time to preparation of the readings they are assigned. All lectors must attend an orientation training prior to being assigned to the lectors’ monthly schedule.

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Los lectores son responsables de proclamar la Palabra de Dios durante las celebracionese Eucarísticas, especialmente los domingos se dedican a ayudar a que la Palabra de Dios llegue viva al Pueblo de Dios congregado. Los que quieren participar deben tener una relación profunda e íntima con la Palabra de Dios, una voz claramente audible, y un deseo de dedicar tiempo a preparar las lecturas que se le asignan. Los lectores tienen que asistir a una sesión de practica, apredizaje y orientación antes de ser incluídos en el horario para lectores.

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