The ministry of usher comes from the Jewish tradition of the “gatekeeper” in the Old Testament. Their duties included watching over the doors of the temple and collecting money offerings from the people (see 2Kings 22:4, Chronicles 9:19, and Jeremiah 35:4). As early as the third century there is evidence that this ministry continued in the Catholic Church in the ministry of porter. At Holy Family, the ministry of usher is perhaps the most important for setting the tone for worship. Ushers should be very comfortable meeting and greeting people; these qualities are a blessing to a stranger or those who do not attend Mass at Holy Family on a regular basis.

Among the servants of God who comprise the membership of the Body of Christ, Ushers are called to provide a very special service in their exercise of a true liturgical ministry. They are ministers of the Church and servants of the faith-community in the highest moment of its self-realization when it gathers to celebrate the Eucharist. As such, Ushers are responsible for welcoming people to Church celebrations, especially weekend Mass. They are called to assist people in worshiping comfortably and with reverence. They do this by assisting them in finding seating. They take up the parishioner’s offerings and arrange to have them presented as offertory gifts. Those interested in serving this ministry should be friendly and warm, with a willingness to give of their time during the parish church services. An available training handout clearly outlines the duties and responsibilities for the Ushering Ministry.

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Los ministros de hospitalidad se dedican a dar la bienvenida a la gente en las celebraciones de la parroqiua, especialmente durante las Misas del domingo. También pasan la canasta de la colecta, presentan los dones del ofertorio en nombre de la congregación y guían a la gente a sus asientos especialmente cuando la iglesia está llena. Los que tienen interés para servir en este ministerio, deben ser amistosos, tener el deseo de ayudar a los feligreses durante los servios parroquiales. El coordinador de este ministerio entrena y describe las obligaciones y responabilidades de los ministros de hospitalidad.

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