RCIC: Rite of Christian Initiation for Children

The Children’s Catechumenate is the process through which English-speaking children who are old enough to have received some of the sacraments, but who, for various reasons, have not received these sacraments are instructed in the faith to take their place as responsible members of the parish community and together with their families they experience that faith as they prepare to receive the sacraments. The group meets on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, starting with 9:00 am Mass and classes following and ending at 12:00 noon. Parents must attend. Those interested in assisting with this process should have a desire to understand their faith more deeply and a willingness and ability to share that faith with children. They must also take VIRTUS training.

El Catecumenado de los Niños es un proceso para niños hispanos, que por alguna razón no han recibido los sacramentos de iniciación se les ofrece instrucción para recibir estos sacramentos. De esta forma comienzan su jornada de fe que los prepana a ser miembros responsables de la communidad parroquial. Los padres (y otros miembros de la familia) también participan en el proceso educacional y ofrecen apoyo a sus niños. El grupo de los lideres e instructores deben tener certificado de entrenamiento de VIRTUS.