Nigerian Catholic Women

The Holy Family Nigerian Catholic Women’s Organization is a non-profit Christian organization inspired by one common goal of spiritual and humanistic needs. They wish to promote Catholic Ethics, their cultural values, charity, fellowship, service vocations, and stewardship. They strive to emulate the examples of the Blessed Virgin Mary while living their lives as good Christian women, wives and mothers. The Nigerian Catholic Women’s Organization’s objectives are to:

  • foster Christian ethics and cultural values in their community.
  • be a forum to teach their children their Christian beliefs and cultural values.
  • encourage involvement in parish activities.
  • develop and promote family oriented programs.
  • inspire members to be law-abiding residents.
  • be a forum for spiritual enrichment.

Members are encouraged to volunteer individually in the different ministries of the parish and to collectively take active part in parish activities. Membership is open to all Nigerian Catholic women by birth, marriage or naturalization who are parishioners of Holy Family. They meet on the first Sunday of every other month.

For more information, contact Franca Okonkwo at (832) 642-4063.