Our Staff

Parish Office
Gail Hutchins
Parish Administrator
Ext. 312 gail.hutchins@holyfamilychurch.us
Bruce Peterson
Associate Parish Administrator
Ext. 334 bruce.peterson@holyfamilychurch.us
Mary Jane Guajardo
Ext. 300 maryjane.guajardo@holyfamilychurch.us
Olivia Pena
Facility Supervisor
Ext. 318 olivia.pena@holyfamilychurch.us
Religious Education
Valerie Ponce
Director of Religious Education
Ext. 332 valerie.ponce@holyfamilychurch.us
Crystal Gomez
CCE Registrar
Ext. 333 crystal.gomez@holyfamilychurch.us
Edna Martinez
Elementary CCE Coordinator
Ext. 330 edna.martinez@holyfamilychurch.us
Georgina Romero
Hispanic CCE Coordinator
Hispanic Ministry Director
Ext. 304 georgina.romero@holyfamilychurch.us
Music Ministry
Dr. Andre LaCour
Music Minister
Ext. 336 andre.lacour@holyfamilychurch.us
Youth Ministry
Jeanette Velasquez
Director of Youth Ministry
 Ext. 317  jeanette.velasquez@holyfamilychurch.us