Baptism Preparation for Parents and Godparents

The baptismal preparation session for parents and godparents is held on the first and second Tuesday of the month.

Las clases de preparacion bautismal  son para padres y padrinos y toman lugar el primer domingo de cada mes.


Practical Tips to Prepare for your Child’s Baptism:

1. Register in the Baptismal preparation class early in your pregnancy.

2. Prayerfully study the Baptism ceremony and its rich symbols.

3. Choose godparents who will be real and long lasting help in the Christian formation of your child. Notify them in advance that they will need to take the baptismal preparation class, too. They are meant to be more than honorary sponsors.

4. Encourage relatives and friends to be present for the Baptism (not just the party).

5. Set aside symbols from your child’s Baptism (candle, white garment, Baptismal certificate, pictures) and keep them as reminders of the ongoing importance of the sacrament.